Sunday, April 5, 2009

business ethics

ethics is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to business and making money. what exactly crosses the line, what doesn't, and what occasionally steps on it are all questions that businesses face when trying to make money.

from the examples given to us on monday, i have learned that businesses are actually quite willing step past that line, even if it means the possibility of people getting hurt.

i, personally, have a set of ethics that i strictly adhere to. i know that i would never purposefully do anything that is potentially harmful to people. i also am a big believer in working hard and earning everything.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


miscommunication, the story of my life.

so many instances, but one in particular stands out.

i was working for the cliffs valley at the time, a pretty prestigious golf club/community, and we were setting up a press conference for tiger woods. long story short, there were certain tables that were supposed to be inside and certain tables that were supposed to be outside, and of course the the tables got flip flopped. it all basically happened because the orders were being handed down through too many people, and by the time it got to us, the orders just got turned around, a bad case of the telephone game with the worst possible ending. luckily we caught the mistake early on and were able to fix it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

present ur portfolios

time to talk bout fav presentation and e-portfolio...

i thought that erin's presentation on basic first aid was pretty word. it informed me of what seemed like common sense but i personally would never have thought of it. it would definitely come in handy in future situations.

in terms of online what? i've done one online portfolio my entire life and that was my freshman year. it seems like forever ago, so i sure don't remember it. the one thing i do remember was that i thought it was absolutely miserable. i guess i just need a refresher on how to get things online and such.

Friday, February 20, 2009

cover letter

this website does a good job of imparting useful advice to people. i agree with pretty much all of the advice listed, especially since there was a lot of things about cover letters that i didn't know, like tailoring each one to a specific job.

the most helpful advice this website had was the part about the format that the cover letter should take. taking this into account, i will make sure i write a separate cover letter and direct them to each company's needs and expectations.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

interview mistakes

the article touched on a lot of mistakes that people tend to make. whether they are the biggest is up to debate, but they are serious mistakes.

i've had a couple of job interviews, and like a lot of interviews, it was a little nerve racking. the best way of dealing with that is to relax and be yourself. pretending to be someone your not is a big mistake to make to someone who is looking to hire you for being you.

the best way to prepare for an interview is to do a little research on the company so you are knowledgeable about job positions, company history, and things of that nature. this way, you can ask intelligent questions and not seem like you came to the interview completely unprepared.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

blog, blog, blog, bloooooog

open blog, sweet....
well, don't rly hav much to say, so i guess i'll just ramble aimlessly until i hav a solid topic to blog bout...

thoughts on my mind right now...graduation's comin up prty soon. i'm a lil nervous bout that, needless to say. whereas most of my friends r goin to grad school, i hav to start livin the rest of my life immediately. not gonna lie, that's gonna b hard to do, especially since for the first time in my life i don't rly hav a clear direction. oh, i kno what i want to do, but how to go about that is a different question.

up until now, it's always been school, school, school. first u hav elementary school, then middle school, then high school, then college, so there was rly no question as to what it was i had to do.

i don't wanna grow up, i wanna stay in college forever...never never land, if u will. mayb i'll find myself a lawyer to marry, or win the jackpot...yea, that'll b nice.

sigh, oh well, dream's over, back to the real world. until next time, blog.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

my life in 10 yrs

my life in ten yrs...interestin question, one i've heard literally no less than a million times, but the one question that i can nvr stop thinkin bout, especially since i'll b graduatin in may. a difficult question, especially for a person like me, who's lived his entire life one day at a time.

i guess the obvious answer is to be very well off financially, married to a supermodel (or
actress), perfect kids, livin in oprah's mansion (after she's moved out of course), and a garage full of exotic cars, half of which require chauffeurs. well, who wouldn't? but luckily, i'm a very realistic person, so if what i just described doesn't happen, i won't b disappointed.

hopefully in ten yrs, i'll b workin for the fbi, because this architecture thing just ain't rly workin for me. i'll start off as a field agent and work my way up so i can b one of the bigwigs and plan things and whatnot. i'll b married to an attractive woman (no supermodel, but hopefully pretty enough to attract some looks...don't worry, i'm not shallow, she's gotta have a good personality and all that) with 2 children who misbehaves occasionally, cus i think it would b a borin home if they didn't. as to oprah's mansion? well, i wouldn't even know what to do with all the extra rooms. honestly, a decent sized home in a nice neighborhood would b perfectly fine for me. can't say i rly expect the garageful of exotic cars either, but a new camaro would b nice (that's not too much to ask for) and no chauffeurs, because personally, i like to drive.